Wayside Chapel Community Church Rosamond, Ca
Ladies Bible Studies - Precept Upon Precept

Precept Bible study taught by Nancy Zimbelman has begun a spiritual journey that has reached in and touched every part of my life. It has been such a blessing to dig in to God’s word and experience Him working in my life. Nancy has faithfully brought this study to us on Thursday mornings.

I have just completed my third precept study called ‘Marriage Without Regret’s.’ This study has personally blessed my marriage and has taught me the roles in marriage that God designed for men and women. Living within these roles has helped me to establish and build a healthy marriage and family life. This study has also affected me with how important the matters of the heart reflect my relationship with God and others.  

In the Precept Bible studies I have learned the method of Inductive Bible Study.  I have learned to slow down and focus on what God’s word is saying.

·         This first step is called Observation.

·         The second step is Interpretation. Not what I think the Bible is saying but really discovering what the text is saying. Sometimes this requires a word study. I have learned how to use tools that help me find a deeper and clearer meaning of a word. One of these tools is the blue letter Bible. This tool helps me discover what the text is saying and makes the true meaning of the text understandable.

·         The third step is application. After I have carefully read and studied God’s word I can then apply this knowledge to my own personal life. 

As a student of the Precept Bible study I would like to encourage all women to come to our next class starting Thursday, March 1st at 10:00 am at Wayside Chapel (childcare is provided!). We will be studying 1 Thessalonians. This study will feed your soul!

Grace be with you all,

Andrea Goetzelman